Catch This Week's Pokemon News!

Catch This Week's Pokemon News!

by Christine Mabry Battle Styles, Livestream, Pokemon, Shining Fates

TONIGHT: Friday, March 5 @ 7:00pm Mateo, our Pokemon League Organizer, will be streaming on his Twitch channel all about the new Sword & Shield set, Battle Styles, with its new Single Strike and Rapid Strike mechanics, plus find out the Top 10 cards in this set you need to look for.   Mateo will also be opening one Pre-Release Kit for our store singles plus a bunch of his own other Pokemon product. His Pokemon streams are always family-friendly.   Watch here:   TOMORROW: Saturday, March 6 @ 12:00 noon Sword & Shield Battle Styles Pre-Release! If you pre-ordered a Pre-Release Kit online, we will have that ready for you to pick up.  Unfortunately, we are sold out of the kits at this time, but we will be getting more Build & Battle Boxes in early April. Regardless, we will have Battle Styles promo posters to give out to everyone who stops by! When we open at 12 noon, we will also have a very limited supply of Shining Fates product on a first-come, first-served, and 1 item per customer basis (ETBs $99, Tin $59.99, Pikachu V box $39.99, and Pin Collection $29.99, plus Premium Collection Crobat and Dragapult VMAX boxes $69.99). OTHER POKEMON UPDATES: 25th Anniversary First Partner Packs (Galar) have been delayed one business day and will be available Monday, March 8.  Battle Styles Elite Trainer Boxes and Booster Boxes are up for pre-order on the website for 3/19 release. We do expect to be allocated more product throughout the two waves. Did You Know? There is a Release Dates page on this website where we list all of the Pokemon (and other) product release dates for you in one place. Check it out! We are constantly on the lookout for more Pokemon product, but even our distributors are wiped out. Keep checking the website for product because we will grab random amounts of stuff whenever we can.    


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