What's Happening with Pokemon Battle Styles?

by Blackrowan Games

Hello, Blackrowan Games Pokemon Family! We are happy to (finally) share what is going on with Pokemon Battle Styles and how you can get some.

Pre-Orders through the website will open on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm.

Pre-Orders are limited to one (1) of each item per customer. Orders exceeding the pre-order limit, including multiple orders, will be cancelled and refunded without further explanation.

Battle Styles is the 5th set of the Sword & Shield series, i.e., it's a regular quarterly set and not a special set like Shining Fates, and it is the first expansion to feature two new variants of cards: Single Strike and Rapid Strike. Single Strike cards deliver powerful, hard-hitting attacks that can Knock Out an opponent in a single blow. Rapid Strike cards use sneaky, and technical attacks.

The Battle Styles set will have Elite Trainer Boxes, Booster Boxes (and individual packs), and Build & Battle Boxes. There will also be some special boxes containing Battle Styles packs, Blastoise/Venusaur VMAX and Urshihfu V, release TBD. Battle Styles items will be distributed to stores in 2 Waves (Wave 1: 3/19; Wave 2: TBD), so order accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Some shipments may be delayed due to severe weather in other parts of the country. Check our social media for updates.

Release Date: Item:
3/6/21 PRE-RELEASE: Battle Styles Pre-Release Kit (Build & Battle Box + 3 bonus booster packs)
3/19/21 WAVE 1: Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box Single Strike Urshifu (Red) or Rapid Strike Urshifu (Blue)
3/19/21 WAVE 1: Battle Styles Booster Box (36 packs)
4/2/21 Battle Styles Build & Battle Boxes
TBD WAVE 2: ETBs & Booster Boxes


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