Advent Dice Calendar 2021 by Q WORKSHOP

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    Christmas is coming! Don't you just love counting down days to Santa's visit? Q WORKSHOP gives you a countdown sweet, but not fattening. Each slot bringing joy and being practical at the same time! Each day-slot hides a special die for you, with a metal bonus at the end! There's even a full set of Santa's Dice in never-seen-before color theme! Enjoy each day with a new die!

    Let us shine some light on what the Advent Dice Calendar has in store for you.

    The unique design — you won’t find a second advent calendar in such a manner. It’s more RPG-style than anything!

    Cardboard on top, secured to bottom — so the dice are safe and sound while they await being discovered by your eager eyes...

    Countdown as it should be — the closer you are to Christmas, the more wonders you discover!

    24 Q WORKSHOP dice — windows are filled with our best quality dice!

    A brand new Santa’s Dice Set — in the end, you’ll have the new, exclusive color of this set!

    A shiny surprise — the pinnacle of this countdown is a random metal die!

    - $45.00

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