Free RPG Day Products

This is the list of products available as part of Free RPG Day 2021. Items with an asterisk (*) will be distributed via Special Items Drawing at 6:30pm.

Goodman Games

  • Tomb of the Savage Kings
  • The Sunken Tower of Set


  • The Starfinder Four vs. the Hardlight Harlequin
  • Threshold of Knowledge


  • Steampunk Clockwork Dice *


  • D&D Frameworks Grim Cottage *

9th Level

  • Level 1: We All Wear Masks

Mantic Games & Dave Taylor

  • How to Build a Boss Fight Final Chamber & Treasure Pile mini

Renegade Game Studios

  • TBA

Hit Point Press

  • Humblewood: The Heart of Dako
  • Zara Harlowe

Magpie Games

  • Root: Bertram’s Cove

Gate Keeper Games

  • TBA

Cubicle Seven

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Reap and Sow
  • Victoriana: Going Underground

Green Ronin Publishing

  • Blue Rose Quickstart


  • Achtung! Cthulhu
  • Dune: Wormsign
  • Star Trek Adventures

Edge Studio

  • Genesys: Twilight Imperium – Ashes of Power

Infinite Black

  • Vast Grim: Into the Wurmhole – Infinite Black

Need Games

  • Fabula Ultima

Pegasus Spiele

  • Talisman Adventures: Curse of the Rat Queen

Privateer Press

  • Iron Kingdoms: An Echo in the Darkness

Sirius Dice

  • Free RPG Day Dice *


  • Zombicide Chronicles




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