RPG & Storytelling Camps (10-13Y)


Muster your creativity and teamwork, and enter the adventurous world of roleplaying and storytelling games. In each of these camps you will learn, step-by-step, the basics of roleplaying games (RPGs), including character development, mechanics, and storytelling. Players will enjoy related mini-games and crafts in support of the week’s game. Gamemaster: Teri Keith-Torres

Days/Times: Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm
Location: Blackrowan Games, 130 W. 11th St., Suite A, Tracy, CA
Cost: $250 per session / $200 additional siblings

June 7-11: Monster Smash
Monster Smash is a simple roleplaying game for 2-10 crazy players. Players handcraft their own playdough monsters. Those monsters smash and battle it out on an ever shrinking island! Last monster standing wins!

June 21-25: Dinosaur Royals
Dinosaur Royals is a game for 3-8 players. When trouble strikes the kingdom of Dinotopia, you and your dinosaur friends, combining your imaginations, teamwork, and help from the local paleontologist, overcome obstacles and save the day!

July 12-16: Mice & Mystics
Mice & Mystics is a cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. Players take on the role of adventuring mice who must save the kingdom. Using teamwork, courage, and a little luck, the mice will explore their way through a series of interactive challenges as their story unfolds.

July 26-30: Master, My Master! An Automaton Adventure
Master, My Master! An Automaton Adventure is a FATE-based roleplaying game for 3-8 players. In this steampunk world, certain pet automatons' masters have all gone missing! What happened to them? Where have they gone? These animal automatons venture together to find the truth and hopefully to be reunited with their masters once more.

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