For the King (and Me)

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    2-5 Players | 30 Min Playing Time | Age: 10+

    This young monarch has no knack for governing. For that reason, he surrounds himself with people to do his work for him. Each player will get to play as one of his advisors, to take advantage of him, in all kinds of ways but only if it is to their benefit. 

    First and foremost, players will have to gain their trust by taking on the most important government duties. They will distribute the duties and use their influence to outbid their opponents for the best jobs. Players will share cards, choose the most-high profile jobs... and then experience an auction phase as belligerent as it is clever! Your goal is to help a young king by taking care of his kingdom for him and take advantage of his gullibility. If everything goes well, you’ll get to become part of his government later on.

    A sequel to the famous and popular Biblios. 

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