Frenemy Pastry Party (Kickstarter Edition)

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    3-6 Players | 15-30 Min Playing Time | Age: 8+

    Frenemy Pastry Party is a family light drafting game where you bake a cake with your friends. This game was originally released in Taiwan by Mizo Games. Solis Game Studio, in San Mateo, CA, is bringing this adorable game to the state-side!

    How to Play:

    Choose an animal friend. Each prefers a different ingredient. Then, draft ingredients from the center row. Choose two cards per turn. Pay attention to what your friends take! Finally, use your ingredients to bake a cake.

    Request the aid of your trusted friends to score points together. Watch out! It might not be in the best interest for specific friend to help you at some point.

    Score your cakes and ingredients used to help other players. Player with the most points wins. Who baked the best cake today?

    - $24.99

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