MTG Strixhaven: Pre-Release Kit (5 Variants)

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    Strixhaven Pre-Release: April 16-22, 2021

    Preorder items are not yet available. The quantity available and "in stock" notations are the quantities we have available for advance order. 

    This listing is for one (1) MTG Strixhaven Pre-Release Kit (select variant) plus 2 Strixhaven booster packswhich will be available for pick-up beginning Friday, April 16, 2021.

    Each Prerelease Pack is themed around one of the five colleges at Strixhaven: Lorehold, Prismari, Quandrix, Silverquill, and Witherbloom—so you'll need to select the type of Prerelease Pack you want.

    10% discount automatically applied to cart when you purchase all five variants.

    Lorehold (red-white) - $24.99
    Prismari (blue-red) - $24.99
    Quandrix (green-blue) - $24.99
    Silverquill (white-black) - $24.99
    Witherbloom (black-green) - $24.99

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