Necromolds: Monster Battles Battle Box

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    2 Players | 30-45 Min Playing Time | Age: 9+

      Necromolds®: Monster Battles is a miniature wargame where two players create, battle, and smash their way toward victory to prove themselves the most powerful master of the Necromolds.

      This bundle includes:

      • Necromold:s Monster Battless base set, 1st Edition
      • Necromolds Series 1 Monsters Packs 1-4

      The Necromolds Battle Box includes everything you need to start playing Necromolds: Monster Battles. It includes 3 spellbooks, 2 caster rings, spell clay, and more!

      Series 1 Necromolds Monster Pack includes: 8 Series 1 Necromolds Spellbooks, 4 Mystery Ring Packs, and 4 containers of Spell Clay.

      - $49.95

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