Oddasity Party Game (adult content)

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    3-15 Players | 15-90 Min Playing Time | Age: 18+

    Oddassity is a social party game of improv style actions. Oddassity is made up of three decks of increasingly absurd dares, plus a fourth deck that plays like Russian roulette. Players take turns flipping Play Cards to determine if an ODDASSITY Card will be performed. The object of the game is to deliver the best performances as determined by the group.

    A group of 4 or more players decide the ODDASSITY level your party can handle by picking 1-3 ODDASSITY Decks between NSFP (Not Safe For Prudes), NC (Needs Consent) and R (Racy), or customize their own deck. ODDASSITY CARDS are shuffled, flipped, and read out loud. The player who will obey the ODDASSITY is determined by the Play Cards.

    Players take turns flipping Play Cards. There are four types of Play Cards:
    YAY!- Player will obey the ODDASSITY Card
    NEIGH!- No one obeys the ODDASSITY Card
    FLIP!- Discard the current ODDASSITY Card, flip a new one
    SAVE AN ASS!- Save yourself or another player from the ODDASSITY

    Once the Play deck is exhausted, the group decides which player gave the best performances of the game.

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